How to get your new network marketing business noticed quickly.

Once you hit join on that network marketing website, it can be a bit overwhelming and a bit scary wondering what to do next.  You want to grow your network marketing business and you want to do it fast so that you can start making money!  I have put together a few tips to get your network marketing business noticed by your network and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Keep in mind everyone’s business and products are different, but I am sure that for each tip there is a way to modify it to fit your business.


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The first one is obvious but you would be surprised at how many people do not do this!  Tell everyone you know about your new network marketing business!  Wether that is a LIVE video a phone call or a small get together, share your news and your excitement.

You can watch my How to tell your network about your network marketing business in a live video here.

Next you want to find that one “big hitter” and start a relationship with them.  If you already have a relationship, call them up and let them know what you are doing, tell them your products are amazing and that you would love to send them some free samples.  A “big hitter” is someone in your network that has a large network.  A friend from church, someone at your children school, someone in the community, another network marketer (you can trade networks as long as you aren’t competitors).  Basically you want to find someone who has a large following because you need their following to know about you, and once they try your products they will fall in love and will be either 1. your best customer and referral person or 2. your rockstar that joins your team.  Either way its a win – win.

That brings me to the subject of samples.  To spread the news about your new direct sales company USE YOUR SAMPLES!  People love to try before they buy.  If you company doesn’t offer samples, make your own, do not sit around and wait for your company to do it for you.  Get creative.  People LOVE free stuff and chances are once they try it and you follow up with them they are going to want to buy.  Even if they don’t buy right away, they are going to remember you when they are ready to buy.  Samples can be HUGE for your business.  Get on it!

The next thing I want you to know is, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!  If you are looking for someone to host a party for your network marketing business, ask!  Listen, its not salesy if you do it the right way.  People are not sitting around thinking, “hmmmmm what can I do next Thursday, who can I have a party for?!”  If Sally has a lot of fun friends, call her up.  This is what that would look like –

“Hey Sally!  It was so great to see you yesterday, I miss seeing you!  Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in having a party and inviting a few of your friends.  You can get a lot of free products and right now I am offering a $20 gift card to my hostesses for the month.”

Now, when you do have a party you want to make sure at this party you book more parties with the people who attend.  To keep your parties booked for your network marketing business you need to keep up the momentum!  You can do this by doing a giveaway, or door prize.  Anyone who books a party of their own at Sally’s party will get a free item at their own party. (Be sure not to give them the item until their actual party, or they may cancel once they get their free gift and you will not get your party)

Another way to get your new network marketing business out to your network is Social Media of course!  Post about it, go live, make videos and do whatever you need or like to do just be consistent.  This is self explanatory but if you need help with your live videos you can check out some of my courses like the FREE How to use Facebook LIVE for your business.  I also have an amazing course called the Facebook LIVE Mastery Course where you actually learn and practice your live videos in a private group.  I will help you anyway that I can so feel free to contact me!

We are almost there, one of the last things that I suggest to launch your network marketing business and get going on a good foot is to start an email list!!  I wish I would have done this from day one!  Using an email list keeps you connected to your customers.  If anything would every happen to social media, you would still have your email list to work from.

You can use this list to

  • introduce new products
  • show your demo or tutorials
  • announce specials or discounts
  • send follow up emails for samples sent out, parties, and orders
  • a monthly newsletter
  • and so much more……

Each email can have a shop button or link to your Facebook group so your customers and potential customers can keep in contact with you!

Lastly, I want to tell you to BE YOURSELF and HAVE FUN!  People buy from people not companies, they buy from people they like, know and trust, so show your personality let people get to know you and when you go LIVE be excited about what you have to offer!

I hope that you got something from this post, please let me know if I can help you at all!  You can join my Facebook Group Mama Means Business where I go more in depth on all topics and its a community of women who are networking and taking their business to the next level.  Come hang out and say hello!

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How to create great LIVE videos and increase engagement.

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Do you ever go live and only one person is on watching you….. and its your mom?!  Or do you HAVE a few viewers but when you ask questions nobody responds?  IT’S THE WORST!  It’s really embarrassing and defeating, I get it.  When it comes to direct sales and network marketing LIVE video is very very powerful.  I want to give you a few great tips to make sure you are using it to the best of your ability for your business.  I want you to create great LIVE videos that stand out and How to increase engagement.  This will not happen overnight, but I promise after a few live videos it will get better each time!

When people comment on your LIVE video, or share your video it boosts it up in the algorithm.   We all know that everyone is ALL about the algorithms these days, so that is a good thing.  I want to help you get that interaction going and boost your LIVES to get more views.  More views means more relationships, which means more possible customers.

Before you go LIVE make sure that you announce it to your network ahead of time when you will be on.  Post a message on that page saying the time and if you want even say what you are going to be talking about/doing. This will increase your engagement on your live video because people will either be ready to watch and looking for your live, or they will remember to go back and watch the replay!

When you hit that LIVE button its go time.  The first few minutes are so important.  I believe that when you start a LIVE video you have only a couple of minutes to grab your viewers attention before they skip over you.  Let them know right away what you are going to be talking about.  Give them “teasers” to get them to stick around for the end conclusion.  Also in the very beginning you want to say hello, and introduce yourself.  Yes that may seem weird to some but chances are there are going to be a few people watching that have no idea who you are or what you do.

DO NOT spend the first 3 minutes in silence waiting for people to join you awkwardly starting at the camera or talking to (yelling at) your kids.  You can wait for your viewer number to go up to get into the bulk of your message, but talk about something valuable while you wait.

Have a plan!  Make some bullet point notes to look at while you are on so you don’t forget anything or if you get off track you can bring the conversation back in to your list.  Just have a plan!

Visually make sure your video will be appealing to look at.  To create a great LIVE video, make sure that it looks nice.  Make sure your background is clean, you are in enough light (if you need an amazing lighted mirror that HOLDS your phone look HERE), and the oldest rule in the book when public speaking do not chew gum!  Yes that goes for LIVE video too.

Next you can shout out your viewers!   A lot of people like that and it makes them feel more apart of the video, like you are talking with them.  They are more likely to comment hello back.  Remember, the goal is to get your viewers to engage and interact with you.  So talk to them if you want engagement on your live video, you have to engage as well.  The more engagement the higher the rating in algorithm.

Another way to get your viewers to engage on LIVE video is by asking questions.  “Where is everyone from?”  “If you like what I am saying or doing comment in the box and let me know.” “if this resonates with you say yes in the comments”.  “If you use this_____ let me know where you got yours or what color you have”. The list goes on.

Say “Hello” again!  About halfway through your video, take a break from your content.  This is important, in the beginning you want to  only take about 30 seconds to say hello and shout people out.  Get to your topic, but then halfway through after asking a question when you are waiting for people to answer you go back and say hello.

Treat your video like a conversation.  If someone asks a question, respond to them.  Get them commenting and talking with you.  Make sure however that when you are getting engagement the conversation stays on topic.  If your BFF Suzy hops on and you guys start talking about stuff nobody knows what you are saying then they are going to keep scrolling.  So make sure to ask how they are liking what you have to say or if they agree or what they think, get a conversation going.

Use your email list to announce your LIVE video schedule to your network. (Network marketers NEED an email list and I will be telling you why in the next few posts so subscribe so you don’t miss it!!) You can use this two ways, first send an email announcing when you are going live, and inviting your viewers to meet you there!  Then after your live, you can send another email letting them know how it went and GIVE THEM THE LINK to go watch it if they missed it!  Replays are views too and if they comment it will even bring your video back up in the news feed.  That is why you will see some people say #replay if you are a replay watcher.  It’s a way to get them to engage.

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I have also created a mastery course for LIVE video to help you perfect and even practice your live video before actually going live.  It starts July 9, 2018  and You can get that here.

If you need more help on easily growing your network marketing business so that you have more people to engage with you, check out this blog post that I wrote here.

That’s all that I have for now, make sure to subscribe to my email list so that you can get all the information advice and tips coming up.  I also have an amazing course in the works to help you take your LIVE videos to the next level and I am really excited to start helping you actually put all of this into action.  Its going to be amazing so don’t miss it!  As always if you have any questions at all please reach out I would love to chat with you!

XOXO. Jennie Lee

How to increase your social media following and your engagement.


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With the ever changing social media algorithms it can be confusing and frustrating trying to get your content seen by your network.  These steps are simple and will help you get seen with or without the algorithm.  A few refer to Facebook but some can be used on all platforms.  Its all about growing relationships and showing the algorithm that you are social!  I promise if you work on these you will see a huge difference right away.

1. If you want engagement on your social media posts then you need to engage!  This doesn’t NOT mean that you need to sit and chat on social media all day.  However, if you strategically comment on a few peoples posts each day, they will start seeing your posts and most likely will comment on yours as well.  Take 20 mins of each day and just run through your list or feed and engage.

2. Don’t just hit the LIKE button, use the comments.  Like does nothing for you as far as algorithm.  So try not to use that button when you are replying to any comments on your posts or when you are commenting on others posts.  Facebook especially wants to see you engaging they want to see that people are interacting with you.  So make nice thought out comments, people will also do the same with you.  The other thing about this is that when you do that, other people start to see your name pop up here and there and are more likely to click on your profile or friend request you.  They want to see what you are about especially if you are making valuable comments.

3.  You already knew this was coming, USE VIDEO to grow your following and increase your engagement on Facebook or Instagram!    Live or even regular video is BEST.  Its part of the algorithm.  Its part of life now haha.  You are going to be seen SO much more, and lets face it, video isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so its time to just get comfortable with it now.  If you need help with that…. I have an amazing course coming July 9, 2018 called The LIVE videos Mastery Class you can sign up for right here.

4.  Be strategic about what TIME you post on social media.  This is going to take a little bit of thought and maybe even research here (but it 100% will work and may be the best tip of them all).  Your network has hotspots in the day.  For me, I have a lot of moms that follow me, so I post morning and after bedtime or maybe during nap time depending on my day.  That is when moms are “scrolling” and will most likely see.  Now if I post at 8am in the morning I will go back at nap time or around 8:30 or 9pm and engage on that post, reply to comments ect.  What that does, is it brings my post back up in the algorithm to be seen again at night possibly by different people.

6.   Use the SEE FIRST option.  If you have a person that is your ideal customer, client or recruit and you want them to start engaging with you more go to their profile page and next to the Message button there will be a drop down list where you can choose to see that persons posts first.  Click SEE FIRST.  That way when that person posts you will see it in your news feed, and you can comment that will show Facebook that you have a relationship and that person will start to see you more.

7. Stay on BRAND.  Do you know what your brand is?  Its you!  What people think of when they see you.  So when you are posting, make sure that you are posting what people expect to see from you.  That is so important because it is going to attract the people that like your brand and are interested in what you have to say.  They know what to expect when they follow you and are following you because they like your brand.   If you need help developing or learning more about your brand, you can sign up to be notified of my BRAND COURSE coming soon!

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How to grow your network marketing business by growing your social media following. Get more contacts on social media and grow your network with these simple steps.

I hope that these tips help.  Try them out for a few weeks and make notes.  Test different times in the day.  Switch up who you comment on so that you start seeing different people in your network. Make friends and have fun!  As always please reach out if you have any questions at all.


Jennie Lee



How to appeal to your ideal customer and recruit the perfect team.

Do you ever post on social media and feel like nobody cares? Did you ever do a live video and have nobody talk to you or comment after? Do you basically hear crickets anytime you try to network on social media?
Guess what…. its not YOU….its not what you are posting, its your audience, or “tribe” as they call it these days.
Every business Mama wants to find a tribe.  You want to grow a following on social media so you can grow your business.  Either a tribe of customers, a tribe of clients, or a tribe of team members. Following this simple process you will find your ideal client, your ideal MLM team member and grow your customer list.  Not just any customers, you will connect with the PERFECT customer or team member and actually have them interested in what you have to say!
This process has completely changed my outlook on business and helped me so much. Lets face it, you do not want to be spending (or wasting) time with people you don’t click with, that don’t get you and aren’t interested in what you have to say! You want to surround yourself with people that like you, want to buy from you, want to work with you and are excited to see what you are posting or doing next. You want a tribe that will cheer you on encourage you and motivate you.  This is where quality over quantity really comes into play.  I would rather have 30 people who loved me and my business than 3,000 that just follow me but don’t connect.  Ya feel me?!
To do this easily, I created an outline for you.  You can use my FREE Ideal Client to find customers, how to find customers, how to grow network marketing business, finding a distributor for my team, how to recruit a market partner, how to find my ideal customer, how to recruit a team for my network marketing business, recruiting, team building.
Now get a pen, (yes… they still make those) and think of who your idea client is.  To find your ideal customer or recruit your first team member, you need to think like that person.
I want you to write down all of the details on your form. Where does she live, how old is she, where does she shop, does she have kids, what does she like, where does she visit, what hobbies does she have?
Now that you have your list you want to start thinking like her. You can join Facebook groups that she would be in. Start getting into the conversations, get to know people in the group and genuinely reply and grow relationships within that group.  If it would be a person in your community, start attending things she would attend, and try to make friends and meet people.
Next, post to her, or about her! Your social media posts should be written to her, saying exactly what she would say. You want her to say “Me too!” You want her to start following you, paying more attention to your post, and being interested in what you have to say. Your tribe is out there, you just need to get them to notice you and your posts. How do you do that, you have to post what they are interested in.
If you are on Instagram you now can write down the hashtags that she would use! Is she a #stayathomemom or a #momprenuer? Does she love the #beachlife #coachlife or #momlife? Is she #30andfabulous? Does she do #naptimeworkouts or ##naptimeboss? Does she #walkthebeach or #shopallday? Use these in your posts! This is HUGE…. on Instagram now you can follow hashtags, so go the search bar, type in your tribes hashtags, and follow them. Now all the people that use that hashtag will show up in your feed. You can comment on their posts, follow them and get to know them.
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By creating content and posts or live videos that appeal to your ideal customer or recruit you are gaining their attention, trust that will hopefully starting to build a relationship.
So I think that you get the point. Start thinking exactly like the tribe you want to attract and you will. After a little while of being consistent with this you will start to notice your tribe building up. Your little fan base.
To make this easier for you I have added a simple worksheet to help you brainstorm and get organized. You can download that again here.
I hope that this has helped you, and as always if you have any questions at all please feel free to email me. You can find me on social media as Jennie Lee Hoover.

Jennie Lee Hoover