Tips to easily find customers and recruits for your network marketing business.

The #1 request that I get from women in Network Marketing. –

“Can you please tell me what are your top tips to easily find customers and recruits for your network marketing business.”

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Do you ever post on social media and feel like nobody cares? Have you been on a live video and nobody talks to you or, they are watching but never answer questions you ask?   Maybe sometimes you hear crickets when you post a question on social media.

The first thing to remember is that it’s not YOU and it’s definitely not what you are posting!  It’s your audience, or “tribe” as they call it these days.

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Here are the deets…

It’s obvious, you want to grow a following on social media so you can grow your business and make some money.  However, that means you need a tribe that is interested in what you have to say!  You always want a tribe that will cheer you on encourage you and motivates you.  This is where quality over quantity really comes into play.  I would rather have 30 people that were raving fans, than 3,000 that just follow me but don’t connect.
As soon as you start following this simple process you will find your perfect ideal client, your ideal MLM team member and even grow your customer list.
I am sharing this process because it has completely changed my outlook on my business and has helped me so much.   Furthermore, I know that you do not want to be spending (or wasting) time with people that don’t get you and aren’t interested.
To do this easily, I created a worksheet for you to follow along with.  It’s my FREE Ideal Client to find customers, how to find customers, how to grow network marketing business, finding a distributor for my team, how to recruit a market partner, how to find my ideal customer, how to recruit a team for my network marketing business, recruiting, team building.

Tips to easily find customers and recruits for your network marketing business.

This method is simple really but before we do anything this first step is where it all begins.  The very first thing we do is that we need to start thinking like this person in order to find your ideal customer or recruit your first team member put yourself in their shoes.

Who is it?

I want you to write down all of the details on your form. Where does she live, how old is she, where does she shop, does she have kids, what does she like, where does she visit, what hobbies does she have?
Now look over this list and you really want to start thinking like her. You can join Facebook groups that she would be in. Start getting into the conversations, get to know people in the group and genuinely reply and grow relationships within that group.  If it would be a person in your community, start attending things she would attend, and try to make friends and meet people.
You want your readers to say “Wow you took the words right out of my mouth!”

Now it’s time to take action!

Next, post to her, or about her! Your social media posts should be written to her, saying exactly what she would say. You want her to say “Me too!”  Hopefully, she will follow you, paying more attention to your posts, and really being interested in what you have to say.  Your tribe is out there, you just need to get them to notice you and your posts.  How do you do that, you have to post what and where they are interested.

Where are my Instagram girls at?

  • If you are on Instagram you now can write down the hashtags that she would use! Is she a #stayathomemom or a #momprenuer? Does she love the #beachlife #coachlife or #momlife? Is she #30andfabulous? Does she do #naptimeworkouts or ##naptimeboss? Does she #walkthebeach or #shopallday? Use these hashtags in your posts! This is HUGE!  Now on Instagram you can follow hashtags and all of the people that use that hashtag will show up in your feed. You can comment on their posts, follow them and get to know them.  Here is how to do that.
  • Go the search bar on IG
  • Type in your “tribes” hashtags that you just listed
  • Click Follow to follow them!
By creating content and posts or live videos that appeal to your ideal customer or recruit you are gaining their attention, trust that will hopefully starting to build a relationship.
Tips to easily find customers and recruits for your network marketing business, market partner, finding a distributor, growing your network marketing business, tips to grow your customer list, find your ideal customer, finding your best team member in direct sales.

That’s all!  Easy peasy!

In the end, what it comes down to your vibe attracts your tribe.  So think of what she needs, what she is looking for and just keep putting that kind of content out while being consistent and NOT GIVING UP!  You got this girl!
To make this easier for you I have added a simple worksheet to help you brainstorm and get organized. You can download that again here.
I hope that this article has helped you!   As always if you have any questions at all please feel free to email me. You can find me on social media or in our FREE VIP Facebook Group!!


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