Easy steps to get your network marketing business noticed quickly.

So, you want to grow your network marketing business and you want to do it fast so that you can start making money!  Once you hit join on that network marketing website, it can be a bit overwhelming and a bit scary wondering what to do next.  I have put together a few easy steps to get your network marketing business noticed quickly by your network and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Keep in mind everyone’s business and products are different, but I am sure that for each tip there is a way to modify it to fit your business.

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It is my absolute passion to help YOU grow your business, and save you time searching for ideas, tips, and advice so that you can have more time doing the things you love while your business grows.  I want you to know that I have a bunch of other posts that will help you with this so feel free to look around or use the search bar to the right.

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Shout it out!

The first step to get your network marketing business noticed is obvious but you would be surprised at how many people do not do this!  Tell everyone you know about your new network marketing business!  Whether that is a LIVE video a phone call or a small get together, share your news and your excitement.

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Find the “big hitter”.

Next, you want to find that one “big hitter” and start a relationship with them.  If you already have a relationship, call them up and let them know what you are doing, tell them your products are amazing and that you would love to send them some free samples.  A “big hitter” is someone in your network that has a large network.  A friend from church, someone at your children school, someone in the community, another network marketer (you can trade networks as long as you aren’t competitors).  Basically, you want to find someone who has a large following because you need their following to know about you, and once they try your products they will fall in love and will be either 1. your best customer and referral person or 2. your rockstar that joins your team.  Either way it’s a win-win.

Easy steps to get your network marketing business noticed quickly


Use your samples!

That brings me to the subject of samples.  To spread the news about your new direct sales company USE YOUR SAMPLES!  People love to try before they buy.  If your company doesn’t offer samples, make your own, do not sit around and wait for your company to do it for you.  Get creative.  People LOVE free stuff and chances are once they try it and you follow up with them they are going to want to buy.  Even if they don’t buy right away, they are going to remember you when they are ready to buy.  Samples can be HUGE for your business.  Get on it!


Ask for what you want.

The next thing I want you to know is, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!  If you are looking for someone to host a party for your network marketing business, ask!  Listen, it’s not salesy if you do it the right way.  People are not sitting around thinking, “hmmmmm what can I do next Thursday, who can I have a party for?!”  If Sally has a lot of fun friends, and you have a relationship with her already call her up.  This is what that would look like –

“Hey, Sally!  It was so great to see you yesterday, I miss seeing you!  Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in having a party and inviting a few of your friends.  You can get a lot of free products and right now I am offering a $20 gift card to my hostesses for the month.”


Now, when you do have a party you want to make sure at this party you book more parties with the people who attend.  To keep your parties booked for your network marketing business you need to keep up the momentum!  You can do this by doing a giveaway, or door prize.  Anyone who books a party of their own at Sally’s party will get a free item at their own party. (Be sure not to give them the item until their actual party, or they may cancel once they get their free gift and you will not get your party)

Easy steps to get your network marketing business noticed quickly

Duh, social media!

Another way to get your new network marketing business out to your network is Social Media of course!  Post about it, go live, make videos and do whatever you need or like to do just be consistent.  This is self-explanatory but if you need help with your live videos you can check out some of my courses like I mentioned above, FREE How to use Facebook LIVE for your business.  As well as the amazing course called the Facebook LIVE Mastery Course where you actually learn and practice your live videos in a private group.  I will help you any way that I can so feel free to contact me!

My # 1: Easy steps to get your network marketing business noticed quickly — AN EMAIL LIST!!

We are almost there, one of the last things that I suggest to launch your network marketing business and get going on a good foot is to start an email list!!  I wish I would have done this from day one!  Using an email list keeps you connected to your customers.  If anything would ever happen to social media, you would still have your email list to work from.

You can use this list to

  • introduce new products
  • show your demo or tutorials
  • announce specials or discounts
  • send follow up emails for samples sent out, parties, and orders
  • a monthly newsletter
  • and so much more……

Each email can have a shop button or link to your Facebook group so your customers and potential customers can keep in contact with you!

Be you Boo!

Easy steps to get your network marketing business noticed quickly

Lastly, I want to tell you to BE YOURSELF and HAVE FUN!  People buy from people, not companies, they buy from people they like, know and trust, so show your personality let people get to know you and when you go LIVE be excited about what you have to offer!

I want to also add my youtube video for the visual peeps!  Check that here:

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