5 ways to effectively use IGTV on Instagram

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It’s new, it’s amazing and its the perfect business tool to add to our collection!  I can’t wait to show you my top 5 ways to effectively use IGTV on Instagram.  Last week I did this post about IGTV, what is IGTV, how to use IGTV, and why IGTV is so awesome.    I also go in-depth with tips for IGTV.  Make sure to check it out!

Today I want to talk about the 5 ways to effectively use IGTV on Instagram for your business.

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IGTV is similar to Youtube in that you load longer length videos and its more of an informational platform.  However, like I said in this post, IGTV on Instagram already has followers.  Another thing your competition on IGTV is a lot smaller than Youtube.  Since its new not many people have figured it out yet or started using IGTV for their businesses.  The sooner you start the better chance you have of being seen!

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5 ways to effectively use IGTV on Instagram for your business

#1 – Introduce yourself and your service, business, or products.

Think of Instagram as a party.  You are having a party on IGTV and you want to welcome your customers to your channel.  Tell your customers who you are, what it is you do, and how you can help them.  Don’t pitch products in the first video but warm up your audience and let them get to know who you are, more importantly, let them know why they should be watching you.

Later in your video series,  use IGTV to tell people about your business products or services.  Share with them solutions to problems that they may be having.  For instance, if you are selling essential oils, do a video telling people what essential oils are, then do one about lavender for anxiety and so on.


#2 – Use IGTV for your business by doing product tutorials or educational content.

People buy from people that they like, know and trust.  Gain trust from your followers or customers by giving them valuable content.   You can show them how to use your products.  If you are a service based business you can use IGTV to show people what its like to work with you.  If your followers are moms, give them some life hacks, it doesn’t always have to be about your business, the key is to keep people watching.  Keep yourself in front of mind for your customers so that they come to you when they are ready to buy.


#3 – You can use IGTV to announce special information.

When you use IGTV you can direct people to your website to learn more about what you showed them.  If there is a sale going on in your business tell your audience about it and send them to your site.  Or tell them about a LIVE video you did on Facebook and send them over to there.  IGTV is a different following, so chances are that they didn’t see your Facebook LIVE.  Also, you can send them to your opt-in page to learn more about your topic.  Always give a clear call to action at the end of each video, never just end it.  You can learn more about how to do great videos for your business here.  Or take a Master Class where you learn it all and even practice it out before hitting record.

#4 – You can use IGTV to feature guests.IGTV for business, what is IGTV, how to use IGTV, tips for IGTV, IGTV on Instagram, Instagram tips, business tips, growing on Instagram, itv growing social media, social media tips.

This can be anyone serving your niche that has valuable content to share with your customers.  Not only does it give your channel more value, your guest can post it on their IGTV on Instagram and then their followers know exactly where to find you.

#5 – Use IGTV for your business by repurposing old content.

If you have videos that you have done for your team, Youtube videos or even LIVE videos that you have done you can repurpose those for IGTV!!  Take those videos, edit them and upload that video to IGTV.  I have a FREE checklist that will walk you through ways to repurpose your content on all platforms.  ANY video that you have done, you can use on IGTV as well.  You have different audiences at different places.

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That’s all I hope that these 5 ways to effectively use IGTV on Instagram for your business have helped you tremendously.  Get IGTV and get some videos on there.  Done is better than perfect, do it now, do it today, do it scared and do it not ready.  Use those old videos and Youtube videos to get more content loaded.  The sooner you get going on IGTV the smaller your competition is.  Don’t forget to look at these tips and get your FREE 7 page workbook for repurposing LIVE video here.


See you next time!   XOXO



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