Top reasons why new entrepreneurs need to be using IGTV

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When your business is new, you will want to make sure you are doing the right things and not wasting your time on the wrong things.  I wanted to write this to help you and give you what I think are Top reasons why new entrepreneurs need to be using IGTV in business.  IGTV is a new video feature on Instagram, it stands for Instagram Television.  In this post last week, I went over how to use IGTV for your business, what IGTV is and tips for IGTV.  Check that post out after this!

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Top reasons why new entrepreneurs need to be using IGTV


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The reason why I say new entrepreneurs is because obviously, a person on youtube with a million followers would not want to ditch youtube for IGTV.  Instead, this is for the business with a smaller following.  If you are starting Youtube and IGTV for the first time.  IGTV is better because on Instagram you already have the viewers ready to watch your videos.

So since you already have the followers on Instagram and on Youtube, you would need to build your channel meaning people have to find you by search Youtube would be a bit more difficult.  Likewise, if you have a youtube channel you can always direct your current followers to connect with you on Instagram and start. your IGTV channel as well!

This is probably my favorite of the top reasons why new entrepreneurs need to be using IGTV, but there are still so many more!

– when someone searches your topic in your niche you are more likely to be seen on IGTV

Youtube has millions of channels, there so many Youtubers!  If you search for health and fitness tips on Youtube, it’s not likely you will find your video without doing some serious digging.  (again If you are an established Youtuber this will not apply to you, I am talking to people starting both channels)  IGTV is a new Instagram feature so if you get your channel up quickly you are more likely to get views on your channel because you have less competition.  The sooner the better!  Once you start getting more and more views, maybe before someone who starts next month, the chances are you will show up sooner in the search.

– when there is a new feature on social media everyone is going to be watching

You want to be where the party is!  When your business is new you want to get your name out there and what better way than to be seen on IGTV?!  People are going to be checking it out, make sure you have something to show them!  You want to be first in line!

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– IGTV has great features.

The IGTV search is set up so that you can see your followers and popular videos on IGTV.  IGTV lets you search by topic or niche!  You even have a section on IGTV that lets you pick up where you left off on previous videos, or more videos just like it.   If it’s easy to use your viewers are going to like it.  Videos are also more mobile friendly.  They said that most videos are viewed on a smartphone so they formatted the videos to show vertical and use the full screen.


– IGTV is just going to get better.

I do believe this is true.  After the new Instagram feature runs for a bit, they will get the feedback and make adjustments to constantly be improving it.  Instagram stories alone have over 300 million (as of today), daily users!  It’s the best platform and the social media platform of choice for many entrepreneurs.


I hope that my top reasons why new entrepreneurs need to be using IGTV have helped boost your confidence and give you a game plan!  Start today, start unprepared, start scared, just start!  Get that channel going and beat your competition to the IGTV world.  If you need help with videos and repurposing your content you can download this FREE worksheet!

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