The NEW way to MLM – get more customers without the old MLM ways.

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Hey, there friend!! Today, I want to talk about a subject I like to call the new way to MLM and how to get more customers without the old MLM ways!  So if you are in network marketing you know that MLM just means multi-level marketing or some say direct sales.  Whatever you call it, and quite frankly people are turned off by it.  

Network Marketers are scary people!

People hear one of those words and automatically want to walk, I mean RUN the other way just to avoid that person!

This is the real kicker…. even if that person is interested in the product, they may NEVER reach out and ask you because they’re afraid, they think “As soon as I this girl about her lipstick she’s going to try to sell me everything else in her collection”

Right?? And to be honest, people have the absolute right to think that way because… how many times have you received a cold message from somebody asking you to join their team or their challenge?  Maybe they’re even asking you to buy something that you already sell in your own MLM I have had that happen!

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I am not knocking anyone, we all do these things!  When we start our network marketing businesses were really excited and we see everyone having success and we just want to grow really big…. really fast!

But we don’t quite have the right training or knowledge and so those are the things we do.

So if we already have that against us, people hear the word and want to avoid you, then we need to make some serious changes in the way we do business or they are just going to keep running!

Today I want to just plant some seeds to get our minds thinking in a new direction and get our business strategy turned around a bit.

Let’s start with what used to work.

SIDE NOTE:  I am not throwing anyone under the bus, I am not talking about anyone specifically so please don’t think I am talking about you or be offended, we are all guilty of a couple of these I’m sure.  Besides, You only know what you know, and its what were are taught to do when we join. Most of us are moms working at our sticky kitchen table, we don’t have time to take marketing classes right, so we just do what everyone else does or what people tell us.

What I remember in the past with MLM companies were some of these things:

  • Posting stock photos on facebook with the product and price, or the BOGO offers.  
  • We are taught to post 3 times a day about 3 different topics, like family, hobby, and business.
  • We tell everyone about our business and hand out catalogs.  
  • Ask all of our friends to have home parties
  • Facebook parties
  • Cold messaging, yes this is STILL being taught!! (I heard one lady recently tell me that her company tells them to gather phone numbers and call people asking them if they want to place an order)
  • and SO MANY MORE

The problem – the market is always changing.  Marketing is changing, and people are changing.

If you try to book 4 friends to have in-home parties… its hard.  People are busy these days. People are turned off my MLMs, to begin with, they don’t want to bug their friends.

Then there are the Facebook parties….. there have been so many in the past, that people aren’t even seeing that they are invited. If they do see it, they ignore it, TRUST ME!

Posts with your stock image from your company… people are scrolling past and the post about how you can work from your phone, people are numb to it now.  It’s just another commercial.

The solution – We need to step outside of “the normal” by using other platforms, email, Pinterest, Instagram or podcasting!

Do not feel stuck to Facebook!  Do not feel like you have to post 3 times a day, do not feel like you have to spam your personal facebook page. You need to be where your niche is! If your niche is on Facebook, use a Facebook business page or facebook group! Pay for ads (if you have the budget of course).

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Not every person or business is the same!

The next thing that I want to offer is that what works for one person and their business…. doesn’t necessarily work for another person and their business.  

Part of what I teach in the 30-day business blueprint (that is the course the main course inside of my  Mama means business membership site) is figuring out your brand is, what you like to do, who your customer is, what your gifts are, to build your unique business.

So think of it this way: if you tell five women to go live on Facebook and sell one blanket… the same blanket ….. everybody has it ….and two of the women are very outgoing and friendly they have lots of confidence … and they love being around people they love being in the spotlight!

Now the other three are the exact opposite they’re very shy ….they’re very introverted, they like being around people (but it drains their energy) that they definitely don’t like being the center of attention. ……so live video scares them to death!

Those women that go LIVE, they’re going to come across as not very sure of themselves which comes across as not being very sure of their product ….and if you’re not sure of your product, your customers won’t be either.

So you guessed it, those three shy women aren’t going to do very well and after a while they’re going to start to lose money and end up giving up…..  the other two that are really good at that they’re going to do really well and their lives are going to be changed! They’re going to be able to financially help their families maybe quit their nine-to-five job, or stay home with their baby, go on crazy vacations ect.  The other three don’t get to experience that because of the way they think they have to run their business.  It’s so sad to me!

 I believe that MLM companies can be for everybody and everybody can be successful at them ….you just have to work in different ways, ways that are unique to you.


Next, be sure to show that you are human!  You are a human with feelings, emotions, and real life posts, and do not have to have a perfect appearance everytime you post a photo or video.  

Try to use Instagram stories and let your network follow your life and your journey.  This is something I am bad at, I always forget, or I think “nobody cares about that”…. But trust me… people want to watch!  People may not care, but it lets people see YOU… the real you. Why do you want people to know the real you? You want people to feel like they know you….

Take a reality show for instance like The Bachelor!  When you watch them every Monday and you get all into the show, you feel like you are besties with them!  Social media is the same way….

When people know you, they most likely LIKE you and then they are going to buy from you.  People buy off of emotion, not because there is a sale!  They buy from people they like know and trust, and they refer people they like and trust to their friends.

 People buy off of emotion, not because there is a sale! 

Solve not sell!

Last but definitely not least, solve problems do not sell products!  Help people!

By helping people you will make more money and grow faster than just trying to get anyone to buy your products.  Think of a way that you can help, give value or solve problems and write or speak off of that.

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People do not buy products they buy the solution that the product gives.  

You may be selling makeup… but what you are really selling is confidence so that women can have more fun on their date night getting glam!

You may be selling protein shakes but what you are really selling is a healthier lifestyle.

You may be selling oils, but what you are really selling is a more natural way to live.

Those are the things you want to talk about and then use your products as tools to help your audience get that result. The more you talk about these things the more people will recognize you as an expert in your industry, then the more they are going to refer you to others as well.


THIS my friends is the new way to MLM! 

Don’t be stuck in the trap of doing what everyone else is doing.  If you love Pinterest and you understand it well, use it for your business!!  It’s amazing for business, its a search engine, free advertisement and people are looking for your products there!

If you love to write, blog about your products!  And for heaven’s sake please use email!!! Email is where you can directly commnicate to your audience without dealing with the algorithms!  You can send newsletters that include your shopping link and all of your sales for the month and that is going to be taken a lot better than blasting your sales on Facebook.

Care about people, not sales or money or promotions.  While all of those are good, they aren’t going to sustain your business.   Help and offer value and the value will be returned to you tenfold.

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope that this has helped you think in a different way or gave you some great ideas! Don’t forget to check out The Mama Means Business Academy where we dive deep into all of these things to really give you a new business that works and keeps you from being spammy!

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