The top reason why you do not want to sell to everybody, that some may not know!

When we start our network marketing business and we join our company, we are SOO excited!  We are pumped up! and we want to grow our business and our team really big and really fast!   

We love our products and we want everybody else to love our products! And we want everybody to have our products and join our team ,,,,, but sister, I am here to tell you that you do NOT want to sell to everybody!


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Hello hello!  


I am just diving straight  in today… you can be the juiciest peach in the tree and there is always going to  be someone that doesn’t like peaches, so…. Lets be honest, we want everyone to buy our products, we want a million followers, we want fans.

I am here to bust your bubble sister…. it’s just not going to happen.  


not everybody is going to like our products or our business,

not everybody is going to want to buy our products or join our team.

not everybody is going to like us or what we have to say


Maybe they love the products, but  they’re not going to want to sell the product…

And I am here to tell you that is all okay!!


think about what the differences in these two statements:

“ this is the best energy drink it helps everybody get energy, everybody needs it, get it now while it’s on sale”


or rr


this energy drink is perfect for moms who have Toddlers and don’t want to drink coffee all day long.  it will keep you going so that you can get all of your jobs done and still have the energy to play with your kids.  You may even prepare a hot meal for your husband to eat when he gets home from work and do it all without falling asleep at 7.


With those two statements, when you’re talking to a bunch of people and you’re very broad with your going to go over everybody’s head, nobody is going to tune in. becuase everybody sells an energy drink we can walk down the street to the gas station and buy an energy drink we can probably even buy it cheaper than that, why sould we get one from you?.


However if I’m a mom that is tired everyday and I’m lucky if I get a hot meal on the table because I just want to nap in the afternoon instead of Cook I am ALL EARS….. you have my attention  as soon as you start talking about me, and if you can solve my problem…. I’m going to pay whatever it cost to solve that problem, and I’m going to buy your energy drink


Now  again these are very Broad examples but you can see that when you start talking to a specific person about a specific situation you’re going to get their attention and when you can solve somebody’s problem and make somebody happy or change their life in some way ….. They are going to be a raving fan!


Let’s talk about the opportunity For a minute …………when you’re talking about your business opportunity do you just want to say my team is crushing it we’re best friends this is an awesome business I love working for my phone you got to join my team we are awesome!


or do you want to speak to that mom who has postpartum depression and is cooped up in her house with a newborn in two toddlers……. And talk about how this business has helped you bounce back from postpartum depression by  giving you a purpose and Friends and even an income to be able to go do fun things like take your mom out for lunch guess what when you say the second thing that Mom that is feeling cooped up in her house that would love to be able to take her mom out to lunch… and she’s going to start listening to you   she might not join your team today but she’s going to start listening to everything you have to say about it and if your marketing well and you keep on This role she’s going to join your team eventually


So if you’ve been around in the business world for online marketing you know a little world word called neeche Anish is a particular group of people this can also be called your ideal customer your avatar or your perfect person.

and this is the one person if you could create someone this is who it would be…. the person that

loves your product

that joins on the first day of hearing about it

that comments on everything you have to say

buys every new product that comes out tells all their friends about you


that is your ideal customer but more than that…… we have to know all about that actual person we want to know what they like what they don’t like….. what they struggle with…… where they hang out….. What type of content do they prefer …… they listen to podcast do they watch YouTube ……… they like reading maybe they like blogs or emails more than watching videos


maybe they don’t have time to sit down and they prefer podcast …..when you know these things you can speak directly to her


When you find your Niche and you know where they Hangout you can start talking to them directly on their platform every day the next thing you know you have an audience.   Typically your niche is going to be you a few steps back.


so to help you a little bit I’ll tell you who my ideal client is my ideal clients name is Susie and Susie sells products for three different MLM companies……..

she is a stay-at-home mom of three…….. she loves entrepreneurship

and does all of these businesses becuase she desperately wants and enjoys having her own money and being able to help her husband financially provide for her kids to be able to do extra things she likes to go shopping with her mom on the weekends and she likes to hang out with her friends and go to the zoo or the museum with her kids and


she does all of these businesses so that she can afford to do that

she also likes having something for herself…. when she is serving her kids all day and taking care of everybody else she likes to be able to sit down and have her own business And her own friends in her own customers she likes to be able to make a difference in people’s lives she likes to make people feel better and feel better about themselves


however she doesn’t have a lot of time to research how to grow her business


she doesn’t know how to use Instagram and nobody has ever taught her that she can use email and Pinterest for her business


So now based off all of those things that I just said about my ideal customer do you see all the different things that I can talk about to gain her interest to get her to start following me all the things in the problems that I can solve for her with my products or my  business


oh she likes to go shopping with her mom but can’t  afford to do that….. I can help her be super successful


oh she doesn’t even know that she can use Pinterest for her business…perfect I have a course that teaches exactly How to use Pinterest for your business so  then I can tell her all the benefits of using Pinterest …and how customers will find her because they’re searching for her there


I’m going to talk about ways that she can stop spamming her network by using email for her business and how she can be seen by all of her customers instead of dealing with algorithms


She is super busy so i am goign to talk about automating different parts of her business to create more time in her schedule.


so you see everything I listed about my customer I can talk directly to those issues whether they’re good or bad and basically have her thinking ……I have everything solved for her .right?


I can create products that she needs!   She might not even know that she needs the courses until I tell her….. and that’s the same with your products……. some people don’t even know that they have an issue until you shed light on it.. or you tell them they have an issue

some people don’t even know your products exist until you tell them …and some people might think that there is no cure for their issue or there problems        until you start talking about that problem and telling them how you’re going to fix it


So when you know who your customer is and you know everything about them you can speak directly to them       instead of speaking very broad to everybody.


I would rather have 100 followers on Instagram that need and want my service then 100,000 followers they could care less about what I sell or what I do you want customers that are going to be raving fans so that they tell people about you and your products and ultimately they keep coming back or they join your team and they start selling the products themselves and this is how you find those people


I hope that some of this helped you or you scored a little nugget in there that you didnt think of before,  and I would love for you to join our Mama Means Business Academy Famliy! We do a whole module on this and I am there to help you every step of the way.


So definitely check that out along with the resources linked in the show notes,           and i will see you next time!

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