How to stand out on social media and sell in a saturated market.

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With everyone’s highlight reel running on social media these days, everyone seems to be competing for attention and it can be really hard to stand out!   So if we are trying to grow our business, how do we grab the attention of our ideal customers and really stand out especially in a saturated market? How do you sell something when everyone seems to be selling something online these days? Today, I am going to share my top tips for how to stand out on social media and sell in a saturated market!

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How to stand out on social media tip #1:

Know who your ideal client is! – This is going to be huge.  You have to know exactly who you are talking to and who you are trying to attract so that you can post content about what they want or need to hear.  So make sure you know who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, and what they struggle with and then those are the things that you want to talk about. 

It’s a really good thing if you can get your reader to say “yes me too” and “Wow! How did she know I feel like that?”  Because once they say those two things they are going to tune in every time you have something to say!

How to stand out on social media tip #2:

Network marketing, social selling, how to find more customers, how to grow your online business, how to recruit and grow your direct sales business or team

Be authentic – We have been hearing this a lot in the online space, “Be authentic”.  It’s really because, when you are authentic to your audience, you show your audience that you are a real person.   Don’t be afraid to share who you are, or a little bit about your life.  This does NOT mean to give away all of your marriage secrets hahaha. 

However, you should tell your story if it will help people. Most likely your ideal client is the same person as you just a few steps behind you.  So if you had an amazing weight loss or life change from eating clean… start talking about your journey. Your feelings and situations that your unhealthy life caused.  

Do more than just sell, offer value or service. Genuinely find something that you can do with your business that gives people value and that you like doing or are passionate about.  

Don’t just do something because you think people will eventually buy from you, don’t be fake.  People can smell fakeness a mile away especially from network marketers they and are just waiting for it.  So if you don’t totally love what you are doing or selling, you need to make an adjustment to something you love.  

How to stand out on social media tip #3:

Be original – this is HUGE!  First of all… every one is an original.  You are different than the next person in your MLM selling the same thing, and your audience is different as well.  The people that follow me are different than the people that follow Suzie… they follow me for different reasons. So Be original, people are going to buy from you because they like YOU…. And They trust you.  

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People are going to be drawn to you because they like the way you do things, the way you talk, your personality.  On the other side, people won’t buy from you for the same reasons, BUT that is what you want… you want the people that do like you, to become super fans because then they will refer you to others and referrals are GOLD, so you really need to be yourself!  

Think of your own ideas,  don’t do motivation Monday posts or live videos just because Sally is doing it, and it works for her… find the things that work well for you and your audience.  This is where trial and error and creativeness comes in. Think of your own stuff!!

Network marketing, social selling, how to find more customers, how to grow your online business, how to recruit and grow your direct sales business or team
How to stand out on social media tip #4:

Be professional – this is going to really be huge I say this a lot I know.  Because let’s be honest, listen to these two shopping experiences and think of the person you would buy from. 

If you were walking into a store to buy a dress (lets say its an important event that you need a dress for) and as soon as you walked in you were greeted, they offered to help you they gave you a coupon and took your email address they offered you a drink and all the things, then you go to the store next door and they have like 2 people working there, they are sitting behind the counter, don’t say hello, gossiping about their friends eating… I don’t know.  Just barely worrying about you… or helping you. Who are you going to buy from?

Your online business is NO different! Offer value like opt-ins, free guides, or tutorials, thank people for buying from you, have an email sequence go out after they buy a certain product that walks them through using it and offers help after the sale.

Before the sale, have a good website that is easy to navigate, it shows your brand and has tons of things for your customer to make their lives better in some way.  Use email marketing, do live videos, whatever it is that works well for your business do that… and that leads me to the next and last one….

How to stand out on social media tip #5:

Be consistent!!   All of this won’t mean anything if you aren’t consistent!  I am really struggling with this right now because I have so many changes going on, and that is when you need to ask for help!  Consistently show up as yourself authentically, consistently send those thank you emails or offer to opt-ins. Consistently go live or tell your story.  This is going to CONSISTENTLY bring you, new customers, I promise!

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